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Burgers for breakfast? Survey says yes

Having a burger for breakfast might seem strange for some, but they are fast becoming the preferred option for many British consumers, according to new data from NPD Group.

Beer-marinated meat could help fight cancer cells, finds report

Researchers at the Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry have identified that beer could help reduce chemicals that have been linked to colorectal cancer found in meat cooked at high temperatures.

FSA embarks on pig inspection consultation

Ahead of the new EU pig inspection rules, which come into play in June, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) has started a six-week consultation period in order to discuss and explore how the changes will be practically applied.

Intertek opens food lab in the UK

Global quality solutions provider Intertek has opened a UKAS-accredited food laboratory in Derby.

Jerky firm teams with health magazine

A leading meat snack company is hoping to tap into the health sector with the launch of a new Mens Health branded beef jerky snacking range.

Industry looks towards change in meat inspection system

Speaking at the Eblex Processor Conference last week, representatives from the Food Standards Agency (FSA) and a leading farm animal diagnostics company emphasised the need to move away from traditional meat inspection, and towards a modern visual system.

Scottish programme reduces salt in butchers bangers

A reformulation programme from The Scottish Food and Drink Federation (SFDF) has reduced salt in seasonings for the butchery trade, to help create healthier products.

Environmentalists to launch Meat Free May

Not content with meat-free Mondays, environmental campaigners have launched a campaign to encourage consumers to sign up to a whole month of meat abstinence with the launch of Meat Free May.

Tesco backs veggie week

Tesco has been announced as the headline sponsor for National Vegetarian Week, which organisers use to campaign for people to move to a meat free diet.

MAP responds to controversial protein study

The Meat Advisory Panel (MAP) has spoken out about the results of a controversial US study linking high intake of animal protein with increased risk of cancer, diabetes and overall mortality.

Independent study claims badger cull was inhumane

An independent review leaked to The Guardian and the BBC has claimed that last years badger cull was inhumane and ineffective.

Student research supports meats health benefit claims

New research by an Aberystwyth University student has helped to reinforce the fact lean red meat is an important part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Survey suggests poor understanding about red meat nutrition could be detrimental

The Meat Advisory Panel (MAP) has carried out a survey which it says reveals a lack of understanding on the nutritional value of red meat, causing a knowledge gap that could be detrimental to UK health.

Health and safety poster update warning

Legislation will come in from April requiring new health and safety law posters to be displayed in workplaces, but equipment supplier Slingsby said that many organisations were unaware of the deadline.

Experts dispute meat and Alzheimers link

The Meat Advisory Panel (MAP) has hit back at a new US study which claims grilled, fried or barbecued meat could increase the risk of Alzheimers disease.

Mineral levels and meat consumption linked

Lower consumption of meat could be linked to low levels of mineral intakes, according to a new study.

Pig body issues swill feed warning

The National Pig Association (NPA) has used the anniversary of the UK foot-and-mouth outbreak to remind pig producers of the risks of swill feeding.

NPA to publish lorry cleanliness league table

The National Pig Association (NPA) is polling pig producers at abattoirs on lorry washes, with the aim of creating a cleanliness league table.

Egg industry warns butchers over display dangers

The British Egg Industry Council has written to leading butchers organisations warning them of the dangers of storing eggs in window displays.

2 Sisters to hold workshops to combat campylobacter

In line with a national 4m initiative to reduce the risk of campylobacter, 2 Sisters has announced that it will hold 20 biosecurity workshops from the beginning of February to communicate best practice.

PETA goes Underground for latest anti-meat drive

Vegans took to the London underground yesterday (3 February) to promote an animal-free diet by wearing animal costumes and holding signs saying Love Me, Dont Eat Me.

FSA to research new meat inspection system

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is seeking a contractor to carry out research to explore a new system where plant staff would act as spotters, flagging up carcase and offal defects before inspection by Official Veterinarians or Meat Hygiene Inspectors.

Defra launches consultation on English meat regulation

A new Defra consultation is seeking views on whether England should retain national legislation to uphold the quality of its meat products when new EU food laws come into effect at the end of the year.

RSPCA fails to prosecute farm over alleged pig mistreatment

The RSPCA has abandoned plans to prosecute a farm for allegedly mistreating pigs, citing a lack of evidence.

Part-time veganism on the rise, reports Vegan Society

According to the Vegan Society, the amount of people trying out veganism appears to be on the up, but many of them are only giving up animal products as a temporary measure.

Research could solve campylobacter problem

Experts at the University of Nottingham have found that campylobacter uses a particular set of sugar-coated bacterial molecules to colonise and disperse a discovery that might prevent the spread of gastroenteritis.

Bennett to chair FSA for another year

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) announced last week that Tim Bennetts appointment as chair of the FSA will be extended until December 2014, or until a permanent appointment is made.

Government cuts and deregulation are affecting meat safety, says Unison

Public service trade union Unison has warned that the public is at risk of food contamination due to cuts in council trading standards, environmental health and meat hygiene inspection.

Red meat boosts fertility, says Meat Advisory Panel

The Meat Advisory Panel has emphasised the importance of red meat for women planning a pregnancy.

Taste Cumbria backs Herdwick meat project

Taste Cumbria has recently launched a project which promotes Cumbrian product, Herdwick meat, and the way it is farmed.

Charity charts costs of badger cull

The badger culls in England cost 4,121 per dead badger last year, according to wildlife charity Care for the Wilds official sources and Freedom of Information requests.

Welsh Lamb mission seeks share of US market

A Welsh Lamb mission to the USA, organised by Hybu Cig Cymru (HCC) Meat Promotion Wales, is under way in a bid to open up the US market and add 20m to the Welsh economy.

Cattle conference to focus on healthy diet

The British Cattle Conference will focus on breeding healthy food in a hungry world across its two-and-a-half day event in January.

Pop star in new anti-meat outburst

Campaigning vegeterian and former pop-star Morrisey is back on the anti-meat bandwagon, this time comparing meat consumption with paedophilia.

Video: Halal assurance mark could help boost exports

Eblex sector director Nick Allen tells how the organisation's proposed assurance standard could help improve the quantity of halal meat exports from the UK.

Video: Healthy Kitchen to educate Muslim consumers

BoomTV operations directorRaja Khantold the dietryissues facing theUK'sMuslim and Asian population, sayingthey are consuming too many fats and salts and neededucating.

Video: First Eblex Halal Forum

Eblex sector director Nick Allen speaks to the organisation's first Halal Forum, following the closure of its Halal Steering Group earlier this year.

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