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Can we feed the world and manage the planet sustainably?

Charles BaughanAbout 15% of the worlds population suffer from chronic hunger, we grow enough food but it is not distributed properly and many cannot afford it. By 2050 the world population will increase by 2 or 3 billion, there will be increased use of agricultural land for biofuels and higher incomes will increase demand for food. This could double the need for food production providing of course we solve the problems of access and poverty.

Productivity: Faster, Better, and Cheaper

Charles BaughanProductivity is a much used word these days. The media has recently highlighted that our output per hour inthe UK is over 30% lower than in the US, Germany and France. Over time new technology and better skills tends to improve productivity, but since 2007 this gap between us and our principle foreign competitors has widened. Now countries like Spain and Italy have not only caught us up but now show better productivity.

Animal Welfare, its about respecting and valuing animals

Charles BaughanAs an animal lover, I sometimes question how we can bottom out the fact that so many pigs are killed each week to make our sausages. I also find it difficult to give detailed assurance on the welfare of the pigs we use. I should make it clear we use 100% fresh British Pork 100% of the time and we endeavour to use pork from our region where ever possible. All the meat is fully traceable back to the original farm. These farms subscribe to a number of welfare schemes.

Social media, SEO and dynamic user generated interfaces

Charles BaughanCharles Baughan, MD of Westaways Sausages, reveals how embracing social media has streamlined enquiries and made business easier

Exports why we should all be doing it

Charles BaughanWe come from the West Country and we think our little corner is a pretty fine place. It has the uplands of the moors, the lush river valleys, the isolated fishing harbours and chocolate box villages. Food and drink is a vital sector, with around 15% of all jobs in the region and some 2,500 companies.

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