Support for British beef is growing

We've had an interesting couple of weeks and I recently attended the Irish Farmers Association (IFA) Brexit conference in Co Kildare to hear, first-hand, the concerns posed by the UKs decision to leave the EU.

Time to exit LaLa land

So Brexit will dominate, say officials, with no new legislation for three to five years except a great repeal bill la la la.

Trust is key in troubled times

The NFU's John Royle discusses how people return to what they trust when there's a meat scandal.

Time for barbecue season

With some great promotional weeks and events behind us such as Mothers Day, National Butchers Week and Easter, hopefully everyone had some strong trading weeks and did their bit to promote the industry.

The Wider Effect of Brexit Changes in the Price of Fuel, Feed, Fertiliser, and Access to Workers

Austin SmithersThe tremors following the EU referendum have reached far and wide and for some businesses, the recent fall in the Pound against currencies like the US Dollar and Euro, has ended up costing them more. Theres been great concern over the number of workers to fill positions post-Brexit. 100,000 EU citizens living in Britain headed elsewhere in the three months following the EU referendum and theres been a 14% decline in new worker registrations from Hungary, a 16% fall from Poland, and a 20% drop in workers form Slovakia.

Shifting alliances in the global shipping sector

The international shipping sector is to see some major changes in the coming weeks with new alliances emerging.

Trump and Brexit: they're good, right?

Let me put it out there right before we start. I voted remain and, if I could, I would have voted against Trump.

Give plant processing workers the status they deserve

Unskilled is a word that gets me on my soapbox at the moment.No-one who has seen workers in action in processing plants or on farms can think for one second that these people are anything other than highly skilled. But this is what labour coming from Europe is classed as, in immigration terms.

Engaging employees for high performance In general, the meat industry is a people intensive industry

Mary ThompsonEngaging employees for high performance In general, the meat industry is a people intensive industry. It takes people to raise animals, to slaughter them humanely and to process them efficiently.

US Trade Representative is considering the reinstatement of tariffs

John RoyleI read with interest over Christmas that the US Trade Representative (USTR) is considering the reinstatement of tariffs on a range of EU products, including beef, sheep meat, pork and poultry.

Hoping for a smoother ride in 2017

2016 was certainly a different year especially in the celebrity world. Between the romance of Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift and the deaths of David Bowie and George Michael, there were more than a few highs and lows to shake things up!

Some positive results in 2016

As always the NFU livestock team has been working hard in 2016 and weve had some significant wins for the sector in the past 12 months. Id like to touch on some.

Overcapacity is taking its toll

Rob Shelly of Maritime Cargo Services looks at overcapacity and its impact on the global shipping industry.

A roller coaster of a year

Whod be a pollster after whats happened in 2016?

Get your pigs in blankets out from the cold!

What leaps to mind when you think of the traditional Christmas lunch?

Get your piece of the Christmas feast

Christmas is coming and our research shows that most shoppers plan to buy their festive meat from supermarkets.

Pigs in truck

Save Brigade: You cannot be serious

If youre an FBO carrying out your daily business you could be forgiven for not understanding my headline. Bear with me.

Lamb prices sizzle as pound waivers

As we reach autumn there is a spring in the step of sheep farmers as returns from the market exceed last year, when they failed to cover the cost of production. The major impact in this has been the fall in the value of sterling post-referendum, which has made British lamb far more competitive in European markets.

Make your waste work for your business

Waste is a hot topic issue but there is an opportunity to turn a negative into a positive, writes Ruth Cousins.

Free-from friends can ruin pub meals if you're not careful

Nicholas Robinson delves into the pitfalls of eating out with friends who are on a free-from phase.

The inevitable conclusion of low rates

As August came to its close, the world's seventh largest - and South Korea's biggest - container shipping line, Hanjin Shipping, filed for court receivership, consumed by mounting debt schedules with creditors and increasing industry overcapacity.

Premium products are the way forward

While at times it felt as though summer didnt really happen in 2016, there was plenty of positivity.

We need to turn short-term success into long-term gains

Charles SercombeThe livestock sector is already seeing the impact of the vote to leave the EU. Initially, the favourable exchange rate has helped support farm gate prices.

Don't fall for silly season this summer

Norman BagleyThis silly seasons story award has to go to the writers of a recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association and reported in The Times.

What does out mean for foodservice industry?

Nicholas RobinsonLazy young Brits wont fill the void in the foodservice sector and the manufacturing industry that ill-educated and shortsighted Brexit voters may have created with last months EU referendum result.

No need to panic over Brexit just yet

Rob ShelleySince Britain voted to leave the EU, a tsunami of panic has been unleashed, with politicians and commentators mixing spin, opportunism, mis-information and occasional facts to nourish the national unease. Its easy to forget we have only voted to leave the governing machine of the EU, yet otherwise we remain part of Europe.

The right person for the job

Gary SimpsonAs everyone in the retail sector of our industry is fully aware, probably the most challenging part of running a business is finding the right personnel.

A negative impact on returns

Charles SercombeThe major talking point among livestock farmers in recent weeks has been the impact of the new buying specifications for beef that has produced a major negative effect on their returns.

Locally sourced meat isn't rocket science

Ruth CousinsLocally sourced meat in local shops doesnt sound like rocket science however it is not an opportunity that is often seized in convenience stores. We spoke to shoppers and 39% said that locally produced fresh meat is an important determining factor when choosing to visit that store. So why arent more stores doing it?

Time to support British meat

Nicholas RobinsonIt still shocks me that the majority of the meat served in pubs is just not British, despite the pub being a bastion of Britishness.

What will be the trade impact of a Brexit?

Rob Shelley discusses the impact of the EU referendum on the shipping industry.

Brexit: A shout for going out

So we are nearly there, the big vote after months of lies and tosh on both sides. From my own personal point of view I'm an outer as rightly or wrongly I consider the whole EU construct to be nothing more than a virtual tyranny without the arms.

Overcrowding in the shipping industry

A recent survey by global shipping data source Alphaliner has revealed that, of the 16 main carriers which published financial results for 2015, just half recorded operating profits in the face of challenging market conditions. On closer inspection, their average operating margin was just 0.3%.

Chinese demand looks set to continue

In 2015, the European Union exported just over a million tonnes of pork to China. Trade stats for the first few months of 2016 suggest a significant increase in exports, and this looks to be a continuing trend.

Discussing costs at the SAMW conference

I always enjoy going to the SAMW conference each year, not just for the whisky, the presentations aren't bad either! It was interesting last week to glean that competition is emerging between Food Standard Scotland and Aviation House on cost of meat inspection, nearly 10 years after Tierney recommended competition to be a key requirement for change to the FSA Board.

Brazil: A puzzling development

The most puzzling current development in the international meat trade refers to Brazil. Over the last decade, meat production there has increased and large meat processing groups have been created, which have taken advantage of the rising appetite for beef, chicken and pork among the growing Brazilian middle class.

AIMS urges higher value beef focus

In a response to the National Beef Associations assertion that beef prices have reached a five-year low (meatinfo.co.uk, 11 April), Norman, Bagley, head of policy at the Association of Independent Meat Suppliers (AIMS), disagrees and argues that a shift in focus to higher-value areas of the market is the necessary course of action:

Disruptions in the meat industry

Rob ShelleyCast your mind back to summer 2015. Operation Stack saw 6,000 trucks jammed in a 35-mile queue on the M20 in Kent for many hours each day.The Freight Transport Association (FTA) estimated the daily cost to be 750,000 as HGVs idled and the UK supply chain suffered.

Questions over SOLAS implementation

Many say the EU is full of red tape, but we seem perfectly capable of tying business up all by ourselves. New international regulations on safety at sea (SOLAS) are due to arrive in July 2016, requiring verified weighing of containers. Everyone supports the reasoning behind the regulations: to prevent destabilising a vessel etc.

Exports to rebound in second half of the year

Custom data released recently show that exports of meat and livestock products fell by an estimated 8.5% to 2.15bn in 2015. This represents the first fall since the early 2000s but should not come as a surprise as all commodities fell in 2015 and the value of sterling rose by more than 20% against the euro.

New Zealand and changing lamb consumption

A recent article in the Farmers Weekly magazine, claiming New Zealand exporters are misusing their EU quota and flooding the UK lamb market, fails to recognise that trends in lamb consumption have changed considerably since the early 1980s.

Clouds on the horizon

Demand for and trade in meat is dependent on incomes and the economies of individual countries and on currency variations.

Meat shipping isnt for the faint-hearted

Rob ShelleyWith an impressive 50% growth in the global meat trade over the past 10 years, meat shippers may have been thinking that Christmas was never-ending. Yet the past three years have witnessed a slowing of the meat trade rate to less than half the growth previously experienced.

Re-drawing the global meat map

At the recent IMTA Forum, international trade negotiations opened proceedings. TTIP (EU/US) is currently in its 12th round of negotiations and many more are likely to be required before it can be signed off.

Good news from China visit

Happy exporters are back from Food & Hotel China (FHC) in Shanghai, an event marked by the visit of Secretary of State for the Environment Liz Truss to China. The five major UK pork processors all now have representation in mainland China, a testimony to our commercial progress. They are highly positive regarding prospects and report brisk sales.

The future of the meat industry: The opportunities are endless

Dave SmithThe meat industry opens several doors to people who may not necessarily want to follow a career in butchery such as engineering, IT or even sales and purchasing the opportunities really are endless.

Can we feed the world and manage the planet sustainably?

Charles BaughanAbout 15% of the worlds population suffer from chronic hunger, we grow enough food but it is not distributed properly and many cannot afford it. By 2050 the world population will increase by 2 or 3 billion, there will be increased use of agricultural land for biofuels and higher incomes will increase demand for food. This could double the need for food production providing of course we solve the problems of access and poverty.

Looking at the African market

Jean-Pierre GarnierJust back from Central Africa, it is worth reflecting on these important markets. After Asia, Africa is the main region where British meat is exported outside Europe. The mission we organised was not for the faint-hearted. For example, this was the first ever British commercial mission to take place in Kinshasa, the metropolis of Central Africa. Visas, immigration procedures and difficult logistics add to the difficulty.

Lets not solve one problem in bacon by creating another

Terry JonesAhead of the forthcoming negotiations in Brussels on the use of nitrites in meat products, discussions between the FSA and industry are in full swing.

Making a monster of campylobacter

Richard Griffiths"He who fights with monsters should be careful lest he thereby become a monster. And if thougaze long into an abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee." When Nietzsche made this statementhe was talking about how we are manipulated by the language and morality we have inherited, inwhich we unthinkingly create our own fears.

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