Liz Murphy

Chinese demand looks set to continue

In 2015, the European Union exported just over a million tonnes of pork to China. Trade stats for the first few months of 2016 suggest a significant increase in exports, and this looks to be a continuing trend.

Questions over SOLAS implementation

Many say the EU is full of red tape, but we seem perfectly capable of tying business up all by ourselves. New international regulations on safety at sea (SOLAS) are due to arrive in July 2016, requiring verified weighing of containers. Everyone supports the reasoning behind the regulations: to prevent destabilising a vessel etc.

New Zealand and changing lamb consumption

A recent article in the Farmers Weekly magazine, claiming New Zealand exporters are misusing their EU quota and flooding the UK lamb market, fails to recognise that trends in lamb consumption have changed considerably since the early 1980s.

Re-drawing the global meat map

At the recent IMTA Forum, international trade negotiations opened proceedings. TTIP (EU/US) is currently in its 12th round of negotiations and many more are likely to be required before it can be signed off.

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