Nicholas Robinson

Trump and Brexit: they're good, right?

Let me put it out there right before we start. I voted remain and, if I could, I would have voted against Trump.

Free-from friends can ruin pub meals if you're not careful

Nicholas Robinson delves into the pitfalls of eating out with friends who are on a free-from phase.

What does out mean for foodservice industry?

Nicholas RobinsonLazy young Brits wont fill the void in the foodservice sector and the manufacturing industry that ill-educated and shortsighted Brexit voters may have created with last months EU referendum result.

Time to support British meat

Nicholas RobinsonIt still shocks me that the majority of the meat served in pubs is just not British, despite the pub being a bastion of Britishness.

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Following the Prime Minister's speech on Brexit, are you more or less confident about leaving the EU?