Charles Sercombe

Some positive results in 2016

As always the NFU livestock team has been working hard in 2016 and weve had some significant wins for the sector in the past 12 months. Id like to touch on some.

Lamb prices sizzle as pound waivers

As we reach autumn there is a spring in the step of sheep farmers as returns from the market exceed last year, when they failed to cover the cost of production. The major impact in this has been the fall in the value of sterling post-referendum, which has made British lamb far more competitive in European markets.

We need to turn short-term success into long-term gains

Charles SercombeThe livestock sector is already seeing the impact of the vote to leave the EU. Initially, the favourable exchange rate has helped support farm gate prices.

A negative impact on returns

Charles SercombeThe major talking point among livestock farmers in recent weeks has been the impact of the new buying specifications for beef that has produced a major negative effect on their returns.

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