Walmart China CEO quits after organic pork scandal

American retailer Walmart announced yesterday that Ed Chan, head of the company’s stores in China, had resigned “for personal reasons”. The resignation comes a week after the supermarket chain got into trouble with the Chinese authorities over ‘organic’ labelling of regular pork.

Scott Price, president and CEO of Walmart Asia, will serve as interim leader for Walmart China until Chan is replaced. The company said it “appreciated Chan’s close to five years of service”, and added that senior vice-president of human resources Clara Wong had also resigned.

Last week, Walmart was forced to close a dozen of its stores in the country to investigate allegations that pork labelled ‘organic’ was in fact regular pork. The Chinese authorities have arrested two employees, and detained 37 others over the case.

The retailer recently celebrated its 15-year anniversary in China, and has 353 stores in 130 cities.

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