Butchers to allow public to make window display decision

JBS Family Butchers in Sudbury has been propelled into a media storm after the removal of its elaborate window displays following complaints from residents.

The traditional family butchers took down its daily display after the Suffolk Free Press published a letter from a resident who claimed he was disgusted at the needless display of multiple mutilated carcases on display at the butchers, prompting others to voice their opinions.

Ben Mowles, wrote: I used to take my 12-year-old daughter to Marimba sweet shop, but now we avoid the entire precinct as wed rather not look at bloody severed pigs heads when buying sweets.

I am asking for JBS to be more considerate with what they display in their window and to the surrounding businesses that are losing out on custom as a result.

In response, the shop removed its window display, in a move that has prompted an outcry from other residents, and made headlines around the world.

Richard Nicholson, of JBS Family Butchers told Meat Trades Journal the story has made the Daily Mail, The Telegraph, ITVs This Morning, Channel 5s The Wright Stuff, and the BBC News. It has even made the headlines in France, he added.

Nicholson explained there had been claims made that the display was damaging other businesses in the area. However, the butchers has since seen a huge amount of support.

He said the business would leave the decision as to whether it reintroduced the window displays to the general public, as it was conscious it did not want to offend anyone.

The butchers shop introduced its window display, predominantly made up of game, about a year ago, and changes it daily - a job that takes around one hour.

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