Bagley accuses Unison of "scaremongering" in latest blog post

Norman Bagley, policy director at the Association of Independent Meat Suppliers (AIMS) accuses Unison of “scaremongering” in his latest blog post for

Bagley criticises the union in his blog, ‘A shot in the foot?, for “scaremongering” the public into thinking their meat will be unsafe due to the latest strike action taken by its meat inspectors.

However, Bagley said the Food Standards Agency (FSA) needed to act on the issue of workers’ pay: “Surely now is the time for FSA to reform their inspectors terms and conditions to bring them in line with all other civil servants who have already done so. Threats of strikes based on unjustified scaremongering have been found out for what they are.”

Read Bagley’s latest blog post here.

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