Iceland launches exotic meats to coincide with jungle TV show

Iceland has launched an exotic meat box to tie in with its sponsorship of ITVís reality series ĎIím a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!í.†

The £10 box contains two kangaroo burgers, two ostrich burgers, two crocodile burgers and two ostrich fillets, available in stores now.

The frozen foods retailer is marketing the meat as a low-fat, high protein alternative to beef and lamb.

Nigel Broadhurst, joint managing director said: ďTo celebrate the showís return, weíve launched our exclusive, new Exotic Meat Feast, which is ideal for those looking to introduce quick, versatile and tasty meals into their diet. Itís great for families looking to spice up their menu and theyíre a great alternative to usual beef burgers as these exotic meats are typically lower in fat and higher in protein - a great choice if you are looking for a reduced fat meat option.

ďWe think our shoppers will really enjoy the varied flavours that our new Exotic Meat Feast offers. The easy to prepare, succulent and tender meats are sure to go down well with diners before, during or after the show - or at any other meal occasion.Ē

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