Sausage sales simmer down, but not everyone is concerned

Sausages have been failing to make an impact on the barbecue season, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Since 2008, the ONS reported that sausage sales have seen a slight decrease from 838.2 million to 820.7m, which equates to a reduction of 2.1%.

However, over the same time period, volume sales have dropped by over a quarter (26.4%).

Meanwhile, other barbecue meats have seen an increase in sales since 2008. Cuts of beef and veal, such as steak, have seen a rise of 1bn over the six-year period.

Similarly, chicken has seen a considerable rise in sales since 2012. Product sales increased from 1.3bn to 2bn (47.6%) in 2014.

Office for National Statistics: UK manufacturer's sales of selected meat products, 2008 to 2014

Source: ONS

Despite the numbers, not all those in the industry are concerned.

Weve had tremendous sales for sausage, said Wolverhampton butcher Allan Bennett. Bennett believes its his trustworthy products that have kept sales high.

All the sausages we make are 75% meat. We make a lot of different varieties. Weve just introduced a new one now pork, fennel and oregano and thats selling very well.

Customers come from up to 50 miles away just to buy sausages. What we base ourselves on is that everything we sell is made on the premises, so we have full traceability for every mortal thing in the shop.

Mike Carthy, of The Somerset Sausage Company echoed Bennetts sentiments, claiming a massive increase in sausage sales, thanks to the summer weather.

He said: Ive been a butcher for 35 years now and, when I started, everyone used to have a Sunday roast. Nowadays, people seem to be going off that a little bit. More and more people are having barbecues.

They seem to be a bit busier and cook things like burgers and sausages. At least then people know theyre made by a butcher, theyre better than these mass-produced ones.

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