Traditional butcher eyes up an exotic future

Bosworths Butchers of Coventry is reaching out to a wider audience by stocking unconventional meat products.

After being approached by exotic meat supplier Kezie Foods, Bosworths Butchers director Paul Freemantle decided to take on the challenge of selling the alternative meat products.

Kezie approached me at the start of last year about 18 months ago and I thought it would be nice to put something different on, but Id never been asked for exotic meat and just didnt think it would happen.

Over the last six to eight weeks Ive just been asked for exotic meat more and more. I thought actually, lets just try a little and see what happens.

The products, which originate from far-off destinations such as South Africa and Australia, include kangaroo burgers and steaks, ostrich burgers, yellow fin tuna and Wagyu beef.

Freemantle believes that the unusual meats rouse customers interest, and although some prefer to stick to the traditional casserole and roast dinners, younger customers have been more inquisitive.

Ive already sold some kangaroo burgers and a couple of pieces of steak. I think it will be good for curiosity really, Freemantle explained only a couple of hours after his first delivery.

Freemantle is hopeful that demand for exotic meats will continue so it can expand the range. He added: Im looking forward to it selling and looking forward to the different things we can try due to the demand.

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