Research highlights lack of food-origin knowledge

A new study has revealed that UK adults are worryingly oblivious when it comes to the origins of their food.

Research carried out by Whitby Seafoods showed that one in 10 Brits were unaware that the classic steak and kidney pie is a British dish, while a fifth thought the same about the pork pie.

Times have changed since we used to buy our groceries from local markets and shops, said Laura Whittle from Whitby Seafood. Back then we could chat to a butcher, fishmonger or greengrocer about where their goods are sourced, but these days its harder to get the information.

The study claims that one in four dont check the labels when they purchase meat products, while more than half admit they dont know where their regular fruits or vegetables originate.

If we really want to know more about what were eating, its important to check supermarket labels, added Whittle.

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