Deli bacon and ham bucks the trend in falling grocery prices

Although grocery prices in January fell to their cheapest level in over a year, deli bacon and ham saw a rise of 4%. That is according to latest figures from

However, the increase experienced by deli bacon and ham was not reflective of the entire market. The shopping and comparison website found that a basket of 35 popular products totalled a cost of 85.80 in January. This is the cheapest recorded price in 13 months since the mySupermarket Groceries Tracker was launched.

Compared to January 2015, the same basket of goods dropped 2%, a saving of 2.33 per shop.

Meanwhile, sausages and chipolatas fell in price by 1%, while minced beef fell by 2%.

Kim Ludlow, managing director of, said she was delighted to see the cost of grocery products falling, but warned consumers to be vigilant while shopping.

Although the continued supermarket price war is causing prices to fall, another outcome is regularly changing pricing across all departments and causing confusion for shoppers, she said.

Therefore, consumers must compare prices before they complete their shop if they are to make the most of these low prices.

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