Corries launches new Himalayan salt product

Northern Irish meat business Corries has developed a Himalayan salt product for cooking at home.

The third-generation family-owned and managed company has launched the new condiment product as the first stage in a drive to grow its grass-fed beef processing business outside Northern Ireland. It has formed a new venture, The Himalayan Salt Company, to market the salt.

Corries Himalayan Salt is being produced in 350g tubs (RRP 2.75) wrapped in a sleeve and is a development from the companys investment in a new chamber that uses Himalayan salt bricks from Pakistan for dry-ageing meat. The tubs retail for around 3.

William Corrie of Corries said: We created our Himalayan Salt Chamber earlier in the year to offer retail customers richly flavoured dry-aged beef. Its been hugely successful, so we decided to create the new salt flavouring product for use at home.

Its a very pure and unrefined salt which is regarded as being healthier for seasoning and flavouring. Well be selling the tubs initially in our network of shops in Northern Ireland and through our website. Developing business outside Northern Ireland is a key objective for us over the next few years.

We see opportunities in the Republic of Ireland as a first stage and would hope to open doors there and in Britain with the Himalayan salt product.

Corries, based on the familys beef and dairy farm near Newtownards in Co Down, has been producing beef products for retail since 1974.

The family farm dates back to 1947 and has since grown to almost 1,000 acres of pasture in Co Down, with a beef herd of over 1,000 animals and a 500-strong dairy herd.

The beef is produced for the companys six butcher-deli shops in Belfast and also to sell wholesale to butchers across Northern Ireland.

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