B Smith Packaging awarded Q Guild corporate membership

Worcester-based B Smith Packaging is the latest to be awarded corporate membership to the national Butchers Q Guild.

With over 40 years in the industry, the company has taken the time to grow from a small business into an international operation, sourcing 80% of its products from across the globe. Specialising in quality packaging, B Smith Packagings range includes bags, boxes and associated products.

Although recording a multi-million pound turnover, the business remains family-run, with three generations of the Smith family so far involved.

Even a devastating fire in 2008 did not stop the business from expanding. Moving on from the tragedy, a brand-new custom-built head office and high-bay warehouse was built out of the ashes.

Aside from providing carrier bags, counter bags, meat and deli wraps and several other packaging solutions, the company has a focus on eco products. This range includes corn starch, cotton, jute, recycled paper, non-woven materials, plastic films made from recycled plastic bottles, and biodegradable additives.

By joining the Q Guild we hope to forge enduring partnerships with Guild members and help them to continue to deliver high-quality, innovative branded packaging to their customers, said Andy Smith, managing director of B Smith Packaging.

The Guilds corporate membership now encompasses 39 businesses, while the Butchers Q Guild is made up of 110 independent butchers.

In terms of quality, B Smith Packagings values dovetail nicely with those of the Q Guilds members, who fully recognise the importance of effective product presentation and packaging, said Q Guild manager Gordon Newlands. We warmly welcome them into the Q Guild.

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