Supervac Vacuum Chamber Packaging Machines

Brought to you by ReiserWhat do bad package seals really cost?
Rework. Returns. Food safety problems. Lost customers. Supervac automatic belt vacuum chamber packaging machines feature a Double Biactive high-pressure sealing system that provides two superior seals to every bag, virtually eliminating leakers and the problems they cause.


Supervac Vacuum Chamber Packaging Machines product brochureSuperior seals are just the start. Supervac machines reduce labor costs while increasing productivity. Their ergonomic design allows a single operator to load, style and run the packages. Supervacs exclusive Expansion Cushion reduces evacuation times by up to 30%, pushing the operator to keep up with the machine and resulting in more packages at the end of the day. Its small footprint allows the Supervac to fit into tight areas where other machines cannot.

Supervac Vacuum Chamber Packaging Machines

Published: 1st May 2016
Format: .pdf(1.58mb)
Type: Product Brochure


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