Online lean meat delivery service gets pumped up

A meat delivery service in Lincolnshire, specialising in products with lower fat content, has been launched.

LincsPowerFoods offers meat products that are tailored towards those interested in cutting fat consumption.

Creator of the business Dave Rose-Allen turned a long-term interest in health and fitness into a successful business.

Ive been into health and fitness for a long time and healthy eating can be tough, he said. I spent a lot of time looking for alternatives to chicken and the supermarkets werent able to help me. A lot of the products I found either had a lot of water, salt or sugar in them.

Working with a local butcher, Rose-Allen developed two ranges to sell through his website

All of the products in our Powerlean range have less than 5% content, while our normal range has a lower fat content than youd find in supermarkets. It enables us to cater to customers who are interested in health and fitness, and those who just want to cut the amount of fat they are consuming.

He said it was important that all of the produce was sourced from the area. The butcher sources the produce for me and its all from Lincolnshire. I like to support the local economy and so do my customers.

The business is already working with seven gyms in the Lincolnshire area, and Rose-Allen is exploring further opportunities. Were aimed at gyms and the people who use them, but long-term wed like to expand on this. If the volumes increase, we may have to lease a new premises and, even further down the line, I wouldnt rule out a shop, but for the moment online suits us. Were also exploring supplying to cafs and bistros in the area.

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