Halal butchers warned to be vigilant after Walsall attack

Halal butchers have been urged to be vigilant after an attack on a shop in Walsall.

The BBC reported that Kashmir Meat & Poultry was targeted when a bottle of ignited liquid was thrown at an employee of the business late Monday afternoon. The staff member suffered bruising from the bottle and the shop was damaged by fire.

A member from the local halal meat industry, who wished to remain anonymous, told Meat Trades Journal that this was nothing out of the ordinary. These Muslim shops are soft targets, simple soft targets, he said. This is standard, its going on all the time its nothing new. Selective shops are targeted all of the time.

He said that he expected the Muslim community to be the target of similar attacks in the future. All of us are treated like terrorists were all terrorists at the moment, he said. What can you say to them? Its a lack of education at the end of the day. All of us are being tarred with the same brush, so what else can we do?

At Shropshire-based halal meat company Euro Quality Lambs, senior director Rizvan Khalid said that it was too early to say what triggered the attack. But he told Meat Trades Journal that he hoped it wouldnt be a catalyst for other attacks. The Archbishop Justin Welby was saying that we have to make sure the people dont use the referendum as a cover up for free-reign prejudice, he said. The fact that this butcher had CCTV was a good thing. Its about being vigilant. You have to protect yourself and your customers as best as you can.

The BBC reported that police officers were looking for a man described as white and about six foot tall who was caught on CCTV entering the shop.

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