Essentia develops new meat protein powders

A new range of meat proteins has been launched in response to growing demand from the food industry for nutritionally high protein products.

The as-yet unnamed nutritional range has been created by Essentia Protein Solutions and is available as beef, chicken and pork powders, all of which are made from 100% natural meat-based ingredients.

The products, which contain a minimum of 90% protein, have been developed for food manufacturers looking to enrich protein levels in everyday products, or to meet nutritionally balanced requirements.

The range is also non-functional, so their addition does not affect the finished products eating characteristics.

Tom Cooke, Essentias regional director UK & Ireland, described the range as a logical extension to our existing product portfolio.

Simply by adding our natural meat protein nutrition range, you can boost the protein content of your food product without any change to its integrity.

And the convenience of protein powders means products are 100% soluble and very well-suited to a wide range of food applications, from soups, sauces, meat products and ready meals, to protein bars, drinks and healthcare products for those needing a nutritionally balanced diet.

The launch comes as Essentia also unveiled new software technology which evaluates recipes and products and then identifies and advises on additional requirements to meet protein targets or labelling claims.

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