Sales of burgers on the rise amongst Brits

The British public is continuing its love affair with the fast-food burger, research from data analysts Mintel has revealed. 

According to the Mintel, the UK burger-bar market worth an estimated £3.29bn in 2016, up 22% from £2.7bn in 2011. Three-in-five of those surveyed had visited a burger bar in the three months to July 2016.

Londoners are the most frequent visitors to gourmet burger bars, with 20% of those surveyed in the city eating at a gourmet burger bar in the last three months, compared to a national average of 7%.

Kiti Soininen, head of UK food and drink research at Mintel, said: “Enthusiasm for burgers remains strong with British consumers. Food-themed events, like National Burger Day, can capitalise on the growing popularity of the food trend by giving consumers an excuse to go out and enjoy a treat. And it’s not only in London where we see the burger trend kicking off, as the appeal for burgers is strong across the UK.”

The survey showed that 71% of respondents would expect freshly made burgers from a gourmet burger venue, followed by customisable burgers 54% and a choice of how the burger is cooked 48%.

“Consumers see freshly made burgers as the biggest marker of a gourmet burger venue, something that sets them apart as this is not traditionally offered by fast-food venues,” said Soininen.

“Customisation is also a top expectation for gourmet offerings, in line with a more general demand for knowing what goes into one’s food and the trend for personalisation. Fast-food venues are already looking to incorporate customisation options into their menus and competitors should look to follow suit.”

Consumers are also keen to see more customisation across the fast-food sector. Two-in-five (41%) fast-food users are interested in seeing customisable dishes and 35% are interested in a wider choice of burgers featuring meat other than beef. Additionally, 16% of fast-food consumers would be interested in seeing alcoholic beverages on the menu.

And as it is Mr Hyde National Burger Day, the research also showed that 45% of British people would buy a burger to mark the day, while one-in-10 would expect to see craft-alcohol drinks on the menu.

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