The compact Variovac Optimus

Reiser LogoThe compact Variovac Optimus form/fill/seal packaging machine is a highly reliable packaging system in a class of its own. The Variovac Optimus is a rugged, industrial machine that consistently produces superior packages.

The compact Variovac Optimus form/fill/seal packaging machineIt increases production while virtually eliminating leakers and rework. The Optimus is used to package all types of meat products. It produces modified-atmosphere and vacuum packages from flexible and semi-rigid materials, as well as Vacuum Skin Packages (VSP). The Optimus features RAPIDAIRSYSTEM for high-quality, high-speed forming and sealing, achieving up to 60% greater output. A 4-point lifting station further improves the forming and sealing of packages. With a small footprint and a low cost of ownership, the Optimus is perfect for processors who are looking for a simpler, faster, and better packaging solution.

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Published: 19th September 2016
Format: .pdf (1.13MB)
Length: 2 pages
Type: Product brochure

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