Beef + Lamb New Zealand to close UK office

Beef + Lamb New Zealand (B+LNZ) is to close its UK office as part of a strategy refocus.

Under the new direction B+LNZ will be closing permanent offices in the United Kingdom, South Korea and Japan in favour of more flexible resources based in New Zealand.

It will continue to have a base in China and the organisation will continue to work internationally with partner organisations including meat companies, Meat Industry Association, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and New Zealand Trade and Enterprise.

James Parsons, chairman, said the organisation will no longer maintain a hands on approach in mature markets.

B+LNZ will transition out of a market maintenance role in mature markets to focus on developing future growth opportunities, while meat companies will continue their efforts to maintain existing markets.

This strategy does not affect the B+LNZ office in Brussels where the focus on maintaining trade access arrangements and international relationships is to continue.

Parsons said the review involved intensive engagement with beef and sheep farmers to ensure their interests remain at the heart of the new approach.

We consulted widely over 12 months, running numerous focus groups and workshops and the result is quite a fundamental shift in approach, strongly supported by meat exporters and farmers. We are confident the new approach will drive greater impact for farmers on every levy dollar invested. While New Zealands beef and lamb products are well positioned in consumers minds, farm gate returns are still not satisfactory and an area we can influence is how we better position our products in consumers minds.

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