Butcher's new kit

We recently bought a bandsaw to replace an old one. But just after Christmas, we bought a smoker, which was an entirely new addition to the range of equipment we have - and it has proved a real winner. It's a Bradley Smoker and we use it to cure our own bacon. It is the size of a domestic fridge.

Although we bought it to smoke our bacon, we also use it to smoke duck breasts, chicken breasts and cheeses. It has been a super buy. It does dry out the cheeses a lot and we do lose a percentage, but it more than pays for itself in what we are able to charge.

The smoker attracts a lot of people to the shop, as it offers something they are not able to get elsewhere. We are an out-of-town shop, so we are always looking for things that attract people to visit us.

Bradley Smoker sells a range of natural draft smokers, which are capable of hot smoking, barbecuing and slow-roasting and are available from authorised dealers throughout the UK, at retail prices ranging from £150 plus VAT.


Gerald Matthews of G M Matthews  in Bexhill, East Sussex

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