National Butchers' Week to hunt for UK's greenest

The search is on for the UK's greenest butcher as part of this year's National Butchers' Week, which takes place between March 15-20.

Now in its third year, National Butchers’ Week will be hunting for the nation’s most environmentally responsible meat retailer for the first time.

Are you Britain’s greenest butcher? Are you doing your part to help the environment? If so, MTJ wants to hear from you to help ensure National Butchers’ Week spreads the message about the butchery trade.


Ed Bedington, editor of MTJ, said: “We’ve all seen the headlines in recent months about cutting back on meat and how livestock production is contributing to climate change. It’s time the industry started to fight back and what better time to do so than during National Butchers’ Week?”


The butchery trade has a number of positive messages to get out and MTJ is looking for a champion to get those points across. “Butchers are often sourcing local product from down the road, so a short supply chain really ticks the environmental boxes,” Bedington added.


“No butcher likes to see anything go to waste – recycling is in their nature when it comes to products such as pies etc – but are you recycling your packaging? Are any of you coming up with ways to cut your energy costs, or reduce or recycle your water? If so, we’d love to hear from you.


“There is too much negative publicity on this issue surrounding meat, so let’s get out there and set the story straight and challenge consumers to think about the environment and pick up meat from their local, environmentally sound butcher.


“If you’re not already looking at these issues, we hope our campaign will act as a catalyst for you to start. We cannot ignore the challenges facing us on the environment and the beauty of doing your bit is that it often means cutting down on bills too!”


Planning for National Butchers’ Week continues to gather pace. As well as focusing on the environment, MTJ will also develop ways for butchers to promote the trade to schoolchildren by working with teachers to create a special lesson plan for the week.


Bedington said: “Butchers often get schoolchildren involved during the week, so we decided to make it more formal in the hope of encouraging more schools to approach their local butcher. We shall be creating a lesson plan that fits in with the national curriculum and will help to put a little more focus on the trade.”


Work is also progressing on a website, which will be linked to and will give butchers the chance to get the latest information on the Week and download resources, such as a PR pack, as well as providing a forum for them to share advice and information.


And will form a central plank of the Week’s promotion, allowing consumers to locate their nearest butcher with the click of a mouse; if you have not yet registered your shop, visit the site now, or call the MTJ team on 01293 846 567.


This year’s event has attracted considerable support, with a wide number of companies from across the industry investing to help boost the week. The Q Guild, the National Federation of Meat & Food Traders and the Scottish Federation of Meat Traders Association are all backing the week, and sponsors include Bpex, Bizerba, Dalziel, the Dalesman Group, Eblex, HCC – Meat Promotion Wales, Jardine Lloyd Thompson, Lucas Ingredients, MRC, Weddel Swift and the Scotch Butcher’s Club.


More details on the week will be revealed in future issues of MTJ Extra, but for the latest news as it happens, keep your eyes on

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