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Welcome to the National Butchers’ Week schools resource section. We’ve put together a pack of information which will allow you to plan a lesson based around that perennial children’s favourite – the sausage. The lesson plans all link into the National Curriculum for 5-7 year olds and give schools the opportunity to link production of food from farm through to fork, in a fun and informative way for young children. Butchers are available around the country to assist in sausage making sessions, so why not contact your local butcher and get him involved, or track down your local butcher through

Burger Making

>> Download burger lesson plan (.pdf)
>> Download recipe for fun 'monster' burgers (.pdf)

Sausage Making

>> Download sausage lesson plan (.pdf)

>> Download sausage recipes (.pdf)

Sausage Making With the Expert
Champion sausage maker and butcher David Lishman offers a video guide to creating your own award winning bangers. Take and look and then have a go yourselves.

Please let us know if there is anything else you might need, or if you have found the material useful. We would welcome your feedback via e mail and we would love to see any photos of what the children have made (these will not be published without your prior agreement).

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