New look launched for Mattessons range

Kerry Group has rolled out new packaging for its cooked meat brand Mattessons.

The new design is intended to create enhanced shelf stand-out, and packs are colour-coded according to the type of flavour treatment: ‘roast’, ‘garlic’, ‘hot & spicy’ and ‘original’ smoked sausage, ‘southern fried’, ‘barbecue’, ‘tikka’, ‘hot & spicy’, ‘original’ turkey rashers and ‘lightly smoked’.

The Mattessons logo has also been revamped, changing from the classic oval design, to more of a tear shape.

Derek Williamson, marketing director at Kerry Group, said: “Recent feedback from consumers has been great, and we are extremely pleased with the new-look packaging. The new look and feel will give our brands an improved competitive edge on-shelf.”

The packaging refresh is the first stage of the brand relaunch, part of a wider and heavyweight marketing campaign, which is rolling out in the coming months.

The new packs will appear across the following product ranges: Smoked Pork Sausage (from £1), Fridge Raiders (from 98p for 65g), Mighty Bites (£1.49 for 75g) and Turkey Rashers (£1.85 for 150g).

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