Yorkshire meat factory badly damaged in blaze

Large areas of a meat processing outlet in Hanging Wood Way, Cleckheaton have burnt down after being hit by fire.

The blaze started in a loading bay of the 3,200sq m, single-storey premises.

Workers at Forza, West 26 Industrial Estate, evacuated when the fire broke out at 2.35am on Saturday.

Nearly 40 firefighters were brought in to fight the blaze, from stations including Cleckheaton, Batley and Odsal, and were at the scene throughout the night.

According to Cleckheaton watch manager Steve Manners, “There was an added danger from liquid nitrogen tanks next to the building, which had to be kept cool.”

Around a third of the building was destroyed, and the rest of the premises was affected by smoke.

The cause of the blaze is being investigated.

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