Eblex unveils new-look website

Eblex has announced it has launched a new-look website for the retail and meat processing industry.

The new site is described as clean, bright, simple to navigate, and packed full of useful information and resources combining both the retail and foodservice websites. The website is also said to be an essential tool for businesses processing and retailing Assured Quality beef and lamb.

Eblex marketing executive Laura Bishop said: “We wanted to create a website that was clear, easy to use and visually appealing. We know from research conducted about our previous retail website that the most popular features were the Costing Calculators and Retail Prices plus The Link newsletter. With this in mind we set out to keep those features and enhance them to make the site even more appealing to users.”

The website will include retail prices, cutting specifications for beef and lamb, latest news, information on forthcoming promotions and events and advice on how to sign up to the Quality Standard scheme.

Two key features on the retail site, Eblex added, include interactive Costing Calculators and a Merchandising Tool. Both have been designed to give retailers optimum support for running their businesses along with the current Average Retail Prices for beef and lamb cuts in the market place.

“Another important aspect was to bring the two previous completely separate foodservice and retail sites together. That’s why we have rebranded and created a new landing page www.eblextrade.co.uk from which users will be able to choose to enter either the foodservice or retail sections, depending on which sector they work in,” Bishop added.

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