Cumbrian police investigate suspicious animal deaths

Police in Cumbria are investigating what they have described as the "suspicious" dumping of cattle and sheep carcases in streams.

Ramblers walking 30 miles north east of Carlisle found the carcases of a number of dead cattle and sheep in a stream.

Following reports in the local press other locals have come forward to say they have seen carcases also. The carcases were found with their ear tags cut off.

A police spokesman commented: "We are unsure as to the number of animals involved. At the moment there is not a great number but it is certainly suspicious.

"It would appear that the carcases are being disposed of in this way to avoid the expense of having to dispose of them legally."

In their complaints to local media, locals in the area have pointed out that carcases being left in a stream could present a serious health hazard.

The Environment Agency has also indicated it is looking into the matter.

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