Tory MP tables bill to limit mass livestock farming

Peter Ainsworth MP has presented a new livestock bill to Parliament aimed at significantly reducing the environmental impact of the UK’s meat and dairy consumption.

Called ‘The Sustainability of Livestock Farming and Food Production (Strategy)’, the bill requires government to use subsidies, grants, taxes and tax breaks to support sustainable farming systems and home-grown feeds.

It also calls for the government’s £2.2bn procurement budget to drive up food sourcing standards for schools and hospitals.

The bill is in support of the Friends of the Earth Food Chain Campaign, which links food production with climate change.

Ainsworth said: “While we can continue to eat and enjoy meat and dairy, we must ensure it
doesn’t cost us the rainforests and cause climate chaos.

“By supporting farmers to shift from factory-farmed meat to planet-friendly farming, we can cut emissions and enjoy better meat.”

Friends of the Earth’s senior food campaigner Vicki Hird commented: “Factory farming is trashing the planet but this groundbreaking Bill gives us a chance to get off the intensive meat treadmill.

Instead of funding factory farming, the new Government must support farmers to
graze animals and feed them home-grown diets.”

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