Butcher converts shop into evening take-away

An enterprising Fareham butcher has diversified his shop to sell kebabs and burgers in the evenings, after most butchers would have packed up and called it a night.

Maurice Twells of The Twells Tradition in Porchester near Portsmouth, decided to convert his shop into a take-away store after previously leasing his shop to a kebab shop businessman in the evenings.

The shift has now gone down so well with local residents, that he has seen a roaring trade, despite not having done any publicity so far.

Maurice said: "We are a butcher's in the daytime and a take-away in the evenings. I've put in an extractor fan, a griddle, a chip pan and a doner kebab machine. We sell kebabs, a variety of sausages and burgers including kangaroo burgers chips and mushy peas."

Maurice added he will be looking to employ someone to manage the store in the evenings and reckoned he must be the only butcher who runs a kebab shop at night time.

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