Prince Castle holding bins keep cooked food fresh

For butchers who sell food-on-the-go, these holding bins from US firm Prince Castle can be used to keep food warm and still fresh.

Designed specifically to hold cooked food for up to two hours, with no loss of flavour or texture, the Prince Castle bins are said to be a better alternative to steam cabinets and heat lamps.

The cabinets use a special heating technology known as Reli-A-Temp, which has three distinct heating methods to keep the food in perfect condition. Infrared energy from the top of the cabinet penetrates right through the food maintaining the correct internal temperatures. Conductive heat generated in the base of the cabinet is transferred to the food through direct contact. Finally, warm air is circulated around the food containers to prevent heat loss.

To further maximise serving efficiency, the bins can also be fitted with a Menutrak food supervision system. Alphanumeric displays on the front of the cabinets identify where up to six different menu items are located. Hold times can be tracked and alerts sent when food needs to be discarded or more product cooked.

The Prince Castle bins are supplied in the UK by Foodservice Equipment Marketing with a one-year parts and labour warranty.

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