Dolav’s Ace pallet makes Foodex debut

Israeli container specialist Dolav unveiled its Dolav Ace plastic pallets for the first time at Foodex 2010 which boast to be the most hygienic on the market.

The Dolav Ace has no enclosed cavities so that pieces of food can not be stuck inside the pallet box and can hold up to 5,000kg of food that can be stacked up from to six to eight boxes safely. The Ace is also said to be extremely durable from general wear and tear.

Dolav spokesman Ian Palmer said: “One of our major markets has been the meat industry and that is because of the hygiene qualities. The whole point is there must be nowhere for anything to hide and ours is the only product on the market which is available at a sensible price which has integral runs.”
With the Dolav Ace, the company claimed that when cleaning with a pressure jet, all the surfaces are exposed so can be easily washed. The Dolav is Ace is also a one piece construction which minimises the risk of pieces of the pallet falling into the food.

Dolav spokesman Mike Heath added: “Israel is a very testing environment and that they have stood to the blazing heat of Israel and also, that’s important if you have them stacked very high in a hot environment, that durability is there.”

The Dolav Ace is also claimed to be reliable in cold store environments where they will not brittle and crack in extremely cold conditions.

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