Young Butcher talk with Grant McClusky

I've been butchering since the age of 17 and I have my own shop in the small town of Selkirk in the central Borders. Not bad going for being just 23 and growing up wanting to be a computer software systems analyst.

I decided to become a butcher while sitting my exams at the end of the fifth year in school. So straight after that, I saw an ad in the local paper for George Lees Butchers in Yetholm. One week later, I started work.

Since then, I have gone on to earn my SVQ Level 2, my Craftsman Certificate and HACCP Principles Certificate (with Honours) along with Scottish Young Butcher of the Year finalist '07, Scottish Butcher of the Year finalist '09 and, most recently, Butcher's Shop's Young Butcher of the Year finalist '09. I have had a lot of support from all of my employers, as well as the staff I have worked with and the Scottish Meat Federation.

The reason I went into business really early in life was because, everywhere I worked, I had two people above me telling me what to do and, 90% of the time, they contradicted each other. I hated that. "If you cannot beat your manager, then become one," was what I was told. So naturally, I went looking.

The business I bought is T Kerr & Son which was owned by John Nairn. He gave me great terms on the premises and has helped me immensely for the past three months over the Christmas period.

I think I've landed on my feet here and, hopefully, a few more young people will get the urge to join me by becoming young entrepreneurs.

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