When 'science' runs amok

It was interesting to read that the UN boffins are now admitting they might have got their sums wrong when it comes to meat emissions. Those figures of livestock being responsible for 18% of global greenhouse emissions have been used to bash our sector over the head at every opportunity in recent years. The fact they may well be inaccurate beggars belief!

That report has formed the central plank of everything from McCartney's Meat Free Mondays to vegan campaigns to turn the world's population into grass-munching, tofu-tasting consumers.

Are we likely to see an apology from any of those campaigners? Will those campaigns be altered to take into fact the new data? Will they hell!

My understanding was that science is supposed to be based on facts, yet these days we seem to get "scientific" announcements made one day, followed by contrary "scientific" announcements the next. Such announcements seem to be available to whoever has the most PR cash.

Why can't scientists keep their powder try and ensure their data is sound and robust before making these announcements. It would save everyone a lot of grief.

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