Main parties neglecting halal claims Janan Meat

A leading halal meat processor and member of the Eblex Halal Steering Group has accused the three main parties of neglecting Muslim issues surrounding the halal food market.

Naved Syed, MD of Janan Meat, has said little is being offered for the UK Muslim population in this election, other than the ‘promise’ from the far-right to repatriate and close borders.

He said: “During the last 13 years we have seen the creation of the Food Standards Agency which in turn established and then disbanded the Muslim Organization Working Group, having allowed it to degenerate into a forum for disagreement and division.”

“I am asking the three main parties – Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg – before we Muslims cast our votes, to tell us what you will do for our halal market, which is the fastest-growing market, with a rise of 10% expected for the next five to 10 years?

"Or are you leaving it for the far-right parties to destroy it? Some food for thought: 3% of the UK population is Muslim, yet they consume over 25% of the whole of the UK’s red meat and over 40% of the whole of the UK’s poultry production.”

He added that, as a secular country, the UK has always embraced and celebrated cultural diversity, yet none of the mainstream parties seemed to be addressing the issues surrounding halal meat and poultry, which was being hijacked by extremists, he said.

“As we go to the polls I would like to say to the three main parties – and to the eventual winner or winners – the UK Muslim consumer deserves to be heard.

"Eblex must be at the centre of the work to help drive improved standards for halal meat and the ministerial team within Defra and the Department of Health must consult, listen and act to ensure that the production and sales of UK halal meat can be developed and the market opportunity realised.”

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