Editor's Comment by Ed Beddington

Welcome to MTJ's first-ever 'green' issue. With the ever-growing focus on the environment, and the role that meat production plays within it, we have decided to devote a special edition of the magazine to the subject.

Of course, we've been covering the environment for some time now, but this time, we go in-depth. Inside, you'll find information and features on everything from tips on how to improve the environmental nature of your business, a guide to the perfect green supply chain and analysis of the current debate about meat's role in the environment.

You will also see the results of our survey of key industry people and their attitudes to the environment. It's no surprise to hear the industry feels under siege and victimised on the issue, but there is a worry that so many appear to be willing to dismiss the idea that meat has an impact on the environment.

Adopting a flat-earth mentality and burying our heads in the sand isn't going to help the sector in any way. The meat industry does have an impact on the environment much like any other business. What we can debate is the scale of that impact forget the ridiculous 18% figures that get hurled at us and as a responsible industry, we need to be seen to be standing up and doing anything within our power to help cut down on any impact we're having.

That means becoming more efficient across the board and let's face it, if there's one thing this industry's good at (apart from drinking in Dover Street wine bar into the wee small hours) it's efficiency. We just need to apply our minds to improving our environmental image, and start getting some of the good messages out about meat, and the industry behind it, rather than letting former pop stars run us into the ground.

A clear message from the research was confusion there's no clear picture within the industry of what the issues are and how we should be tackling them. We need to get to grips with that first, and then, perhaps, we can develop a strategy to move forward.

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