Wastewater system amplifies effectiveness

A revolutionary new system for the treatment of wastewater is now available in the UK and Ireland in the form of BioAmp.

This system is described as environmentally-friendly and is said to solve a range of wastewater problems and, at the same time, brings considerable cost savings.

BioAmp is said to be a compact, computer-controlled microbial fermentation unit that is installed on-site and delivers a large amount of active, naturally occurring bacteria directly into the drains. The bacteria then goes to work on the wastewater, reducing grease, fats and oils build-up, as well as eliminating odours. It is described as being ideal for use on grease traps, septic tanks and sewage treatments at far less cost than other bacteria-based systems.

Produced and supplied by BioHygenic, which is an NCH company, the BioAmp system delivers 31 trillion live bacteria every 24 hours into drains, grease traps, lift stations and wastewater treatment plants. The BioAmp system is claimed by the company to be 1000 times more powerful at one-tenth the cost of commercially available dry powder or liquid bacterial formulations. It enables wastewater problems to be solved in-house, enabling compliance with European Directives and local regulations.

BioAmp is said to speed and amplify the natural breakdown of organic waste, including soluble BOD, TSS, ammonia and FOG, transforming highly polluted wastewater to more acceptable levels and the water utility operators.

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