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Pork is probably the best-priced meat that value can profitably be added to, and the Pork Gourmet is an added-value, boneless, product that can be prepared into a mouthwatering midweek meal item in a matter of just minutes.

It is one of a range of star products on sale at Wilsons of Crossgates, the Leeds shop run by award-winning butcher brothers John and Andrew Green.

John says the Pork Gourmet is an eye-catching, attractive product that sits well in the display cabinet. The pork combines well with a cheese pâté, and the light colour of the pâté itself is ideal for taking the coloured decorative herb that makes for a quality finishing touch. The brothers and shop manager John Baldock use a Guinness and Stilton pâté, made by Patchwork, that has proved particularly suitable for this popular product. Other fillings can be tried; an apple-sauce filling will complement the pork, as will any cider-based product. Caramelised onion and apple will work well too.

John Green advises butchers to price each pork gourmet individually,so that customers who are nervous about enquiring about cost are confident of what they are paying, without having to ask.

The Green brothers are celebrating 25 years of running the shop. It is named after a previous owner and the Greens kept Wilsons above the door because it was a well-known, well-run business. In the last quarter of a century they have taken it to further heights. John says that when they originally took the business on, it only sold fresh meat. They have successfully expanded into added-value products and pies. In 2005, they were named Top Shop, the prestigious award that is now called Butcher's Shop of the Year.

As fifth-generation butchers, the brothers have won a string of other awards too, including being three times winners of the Yorkshire Small Pork Pie Competition between 1999 and 2007.

The Greens have long been famed for making more than 10,000 small pork pies a week and John says he has lost count of exactly how many they do make. The company supplies pies to Leeds Rhinos on rugby match days and has a thriving van delivery service, which sells lunchtime pies and sandwiches to industrial estates in Leeds. That part of the business has only been trading for six months and the Greens are about to expand it with the purchase of a second van.

In addition to the Leeds Crossgates shop, they have two other shops and a separate production unit.




Pork Gourmet



Prepared pork tenderloin

Pâté of choice

Decorative coloured herb


Bake on a tray in an oven on 180F (gas mark 4) for 2025 mins. The pâté filling will keep the meat moist.

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