Italian cured meats campaign hits UK

A campaign educating the UK market on Italian cured meats is to launch this summer in a collaboration between the Italian Trade Commission and the Institute for the Promotion of Italian Deli Meats.

The SalumiAmo campaign follows similar ventures in Belgium, France and Germany. Tasting sessions will be held in six venues in London this June, where buyers and consumers can taste meats such as bresaola, mortadella and prosciutto.

A SalumiAmo spokesperson said: “While Britons are big consumers of cooked hams and bacon, usually purchased pre-packed or sliced at the deli counter from supermarkets, research suggests that the quality of Italian salumi is not yet understood by many British consumers.”

Tasting sessions will be held London bars and restaurants, including 1 Lombard Street, The Anthologist Bar, Mews of Mayfair, The Living Room, Dover Street and Raoul’s in Notting Hill, with a launch party at Refettorio on 9 June. Specialist delicatessen Partridges on the King’s Road will also hold daily tastings.

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