Firms work on three-way collaborative deal

One of the trends emerging from IFFA this year was increased collaboration in the machinery sector, with a new line system being unveiled following a three-way partnership between Handtmann, Ruitenberg and Armor Inox.

Ian Darlington, from Armor Inox, was on the stand at IFFA to demonstrate the new system, which he described as a three-cornered development between the firms. The line uses equipment from Handtmann to create the sausage, and a process of co-extrusion to add a liquid gel casing, using Ruitenberg's VegaCasing product, before feeding the product into a water cooking and cooling system from Armor Inox to create a fully cooked sausage at the end.

"We've been getting a huge amount of interest and demand for this at the show from all over the world," said Darlington. "We're still in production really, but it should all be up and running in a few months, around the autumn."

He said the system meant the sausage can be produced, coated and cooked without human handling, which he said was appropriate for such a delicate product. The system will have the capacity to produce anything from 600kg to two tonnes of sausage an hour.

Meanwhile, Marel had taken the opportunity to re-create an entire processing operation on its stand, showcasing its new Streamline system, which handles the flow from carcase intake through to despatch. With individual boning station monitoring, supervisors can ensure maximum efficiency across the entire line, said the company.

Terminals at each workstation ensure primal boning specifications for each individual product is passed on to the operator, and all data is fed back to a central point, allowing easy monitoring of workflows and highlighting any areas of issue.

The processing line included a number of new products, including a SensorX fat analyser, which uses X-rays to measure the fat content of any trim, which, in conjuction with a trim grader, can ensure product is easily sorted and passed to the appropriate place.

The system also incorporates UV sterilisation, said Marel UK marketing director Tony Ambrose, which reduces bacteria growth and increases product shelf-life.

He added: "This is exactly the kind of system that Marel specialises in putting together, a complete process line."

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