Treif dispenses with need for 'blank' cut
Published:  28 May, 2010

Treif was generating interest at IFFA with the launch of what the company claimed was a "revolutionary" new slicer.

Peter Hurrell, the company's sales manager, said its new Divider 880 removes the need for a "blank" cut, common among other high-speed slicers on the market. He noted that blank cuts could lead to variations in product slicing, with the first and last slices in a tray of 10 turning out different to the remaining eight, for example.

"We have patented a new system, which means blank cuts are a thing of the past. You can carry on slicing sliver slices and first cut/last cut discrepancies just went away."

He said the machine was also capable of producing the same high volume of product at lower speeds. "Take anybody else's machine, running flat out at 1,100rpm, we can equal that at 500rpm."

The company was also showcasing a new vacuum gripper, which removes the need for an external vacuum pump, said Hurrell.

"In the past, vacuum grippers have been difficult to clean and needed to be connected to hoses," he said. "This is a simple solution you effectively pull back a plunger and it creates a vacuum, similar to the system used by sat-nav devices in cars."

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