Food and Drink Fed warns processors on climate

President of the Food and Drink Federation Ross Warburton has called for UK food and drink manufacturers to do more to deal with climate change.

Speaking at the Campden Day lecture, Warburton insisted: "Industry needs to step up to the plate. As part of our strategies for adapting to a resource-constrained future, the entire food chain is going to have to do more to encourage greater efficiency of resource use. Very simply, more will need to be produced with less."

"I am convinced that technology – in all its many guises – will play a vital role in underpinning the food industry’s collective response to a future world impacted by the challenge of climate change and energy shortages."

Warburton suggested that the Food and Drink Federation's Five-fold Environmental Ambition is an example of how manufacturers are already improving their sustainability, while reducing costs and boosting productivity.

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