Get set for summer

Eblex is to send out the first of four new limited-edition 'Quality Premium' promotional kits to more than 1,000 butcher members.

Those who signed up to the scheme earlier this year will receive the summer kit, which features four cuts rustic lamb chunkies, flat iron steaks, lamb rosettes and centre-cut steaks suitable for the summer season. The packs also feature two large posters, 400 recipe cards, one message poster and product specification sheets.

Each recipe card features a recipe idea for the featured cuts, as well as hints and tips on a range of topics, such as marinating, barbecuing, summer salads and advice on how to cook the perfect steak.

The kits provide Quality Standard butchers with a premium tier range of cuts similar to those sold in multiple retailers. From posters to recipe cards, all the promotional material carries the strapline: 'An exclusive range of beef and lamb products, prepared by your master butcher'.

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