Two-thirds of UK public want their food to be GM-free

A survey released today has found that 66% of British consumers would like their food to be free of GM feed.

Research conducted by GfK NOP also found that 72% were prepared to pay for non-genetically modified food. Furthermore, 89% wanted food with GM ingredients to be clearly labelled, while 63% want supermarkets to supply food of GM-free origin.

According to Friends of the Earth's food campaigner Kirtana Chandrasekaran: “Consumers are more sceptical than ever about genetic modification, and want to be able to choose food that's guaranteed to be GM-free.

"People should tell supermarkets and their MPs to protect our food and farming from GM and support planet-friendly farming instead."

Pete Riley of campaigning group GM Freeze added: "These results send a very clear message to government and retailers that any weakening of policies on the import and use of GM feed will not be welcomed by the public.

"They are demanding that there should be a clear non-GM choice and are willing to pay more for it.

"Despite the rhetoric from industry and government about the possible benefits of GM crops, the British public appears to remain very sceptical.

"Proposals from the Food Standards Agency to spend hundreds of thousands pounds of taxpayers' money on a GM public dialogue in a crude attempt to shift public opinion on GM should now be scrapped."

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