Budgens sausage launch a success

Budgens was celebrating strong success following the launch of its new own-brand sausage range.

The company claims to have sold 250,000 sausages since launching the products on 24 June, with sales being driven by a buy-one-get-one-free promotion.

Willie Hamilton, Budgens trading director, said: “This good quality own-brand sausage really delivers Budgens’ brand essence of ‘real food for today’s communities’.

“Offering shoppers value for money, the sausages also give retailers great profit margins of up to 25%, strengthening the Budgens reputation for value.”

The premium range, which retails at £3 per pack, includes Budgens pork; pork and chilli; pork and apple;, pork and leek; and pork chipolata. There are also four Butchers Choice sausages, priced at £2 per pack – Lincolnshire; thick pork; Cumberland and pork chipolata – plus a Good Value sausage, which retails at £1 for a pack of eight.

The Budgens pork and chilli sausage is a finalist in the Supermeat and Fish Awards 2010, to be held on 1 July 2010.

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