EU organic logo comes into force

Organic producers will have to include a new EU logo on all pre-packaged organic food products which came into force yesterday (1 July).

The new EU logo, the ‘Euro-Leaf’ will now be obligatory on all pre-packed products produced in any of the EU members’ states and meet the necessary standards.

According to the EU, all private, regional or national logos will continue to appear alongside the EU label. In addition to the logo, the new labelling rules also include the compulsory indications of place of farming of the products’ ingredients and code number of the body that had been in charge of the controls.

Businesses have a two-year transition period to comply with these new labelling rules.

Dacian Cioloş, EU Commissioner for Agriculture & Rural Development, said: “Our hope is that the new EU logo can develop into a widely recognised symbol of organic food production across the EU, providing consumers with confidence that the goods are produced entirely in line with the strict EU organic farming regulations.

“I hope these changes will give a boost to the organic farming sector, but also further enhance consumer protection”.

The ‘Euro-leaf’ design shows the EU stars in the shape of a leaf against a green background, passing on two clear messages for consumers: Nature and Europe.

The design has been registered by the Commission as a collective trademark. Designed by German student Dušan Milenković, the logo emerged as the clear winner of an online poll, following a competition aimed at EU art students.

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