Langford Conference: meat industry must co-operate better

The world meat industry needs to be working together more to combat climate change, International Meat Trade Association (IMTA) director Liz Murphy has urged.

Murphy has also called on more support in numbers and finance for the International Meat Secretariat, which is an organisation set up to provide a forum of discussing international meat and livestock sector issues.

The IMTA director added in her speech to the Langford Food Conference that resources were being wasted with a failure of the meat industry to co-operate in a coherent international way.

She said: “I feel today the meat industry has not sufficiently supported this organisation for it to become as effective as the IDF (International Dairy Federation). For example the International Meat Secretariat has one member of staff compared with seven or eight full-time staff at the IDF in Brussels. Thus the work on climate change in the meat sector seems to have been more country-based. Some progress is being made towards co-operation and I certainly don’t under-estimate the value of the work we’ve been doing in the UK, New Zealand, Australia and elsewhere.

“But arguably we could be more productive by pooling more of our resources and not allow market protectionism to overshadow and obscure the need for a global approach on this issue.”

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