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You know what, I was going to bang on about Animal Aid and sustainability and Peta's attempts to free the sheep, cows and chickens into the fields of the wild through the use of scientifically grown meat.

But I've decided I really can't be bothered. All of those issues perhaps with the exception of Peta are important and valid, but I feel like a break! Sometimes it can feel like our industry is under seige on all sides and we're just waiting for the next crisis to wash over us.

On the other hand, we can all go to the Hilton, have a good old knees-up and take the chance to appreciate what is truly great about our industry. The SuperMeat & Fish Awards was exactly that a chance to take a step back and see just what a modern, efficient, effective and superb industry we all work in. The level of innovation, skill, imagination and excellence was fantastic to see, and I'd like to congratulate everyone who took part.

SuperMeat is rightfully the leading awards event in the meat industry calendar and is always a lively affair and this year was no different.

Naturally there are some pictures I haven't been able to publish, and for those in them, don't worry, I'm keeping the negatives in a safe place!

SuperMeat aside, one other piece of news caught my attention. Apologies for bringing things back to the climate debate, but the story this week that feeding sheep curry spices can help cut methane emissions strikes me as a plan of such utter genius that I can only hope the research pans out. Let's face it not only will we be doing our bit to help the planet, we'll be developing a new range of pre-spiced meats. Just imagine the future possibilities for dishes such as lamb bhuna.

With that in mind, I look forward to the entries to SuperMeat next year!

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